Silhouette and The Early Bird

It’s Thursday here in Singapore. So here’s some #tbt posts. Actually they are my #fritzifriday homeworks that i forgot to post here (i did post them on my instagram account. Follow me there too for more illustrations!)


First up is this tribal looking bird silhouette. Not my usual style here but i thought i’d give it a go since i do love those swirls and tribal motifs. I did two versions for this “bird silhouette” theme. The drawing above is my second version. The first version is this one below:


It doesn’t look like a bird silhouette to you? That’s because it’s my personification as a bird wearing a Cookie Monster beanie! 😉 (Go to my first post to see what i mean)

Another theme we had as our #fritzifriday homework is the quote “the early bird catches the worm”.


Ms. Earlybird catches a ball of worms and knitted them into a blanket.

That’s it for throwback Thursday! Will be back later to post today’s illistration for #365doodleswithjohannafritz.


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