Anne of Green Gables


After a long hiatus (i missed 40 days of this drawing challenge), i finally managed to squeeze some time for Anne. I have been drawing…just not for this challenge. Been busy with my crochet too. Hopefully i won’t miss anymore days of the 100 day challenge.


Happy Father’s Day


To the man i love and who loved me back with all his heart…
To the man who carried me and gave me piggy rides when i was small…
To the man whose face is seldom without a smile…
To the one i call “Ayah”, a very big Thank You for bringing me up the way you and Mak did.
May you be at peace in a place where i cannot reach.
And may we meet again one day in His graces. Amin…

Ombre Dinosaur


Who knows what is the exact colour of dinosaurs’ skin? Nobody! People used to think that dinosaurs have green skin like the alligators and crocodiles. Now they say that dinosaurs have colourful skin…some might even have feathers.
Whatever it is, i think this ombre dino is as good a guess as any.