CharaExpo 2016

For the first time in my life, i went to CharaExpo. I’ve not kept up to date with the manga/anime/gaming scene for a long while. So i was a little overwhelmed. But it was fun!


First thing that caught my eyes were these Gundam models. I’ve always loved this show but there’s just too many seasons that i lost track of the various characters and storyline.


Then we lined up for these Voltage guys. Nah… i don’t play this game. My friend does. I was accompanying her to buy their merchandise. These guys sure have loads of fans…or should i say “lovers”.


After a dosage of handsome guys, we went for a helping of kawaii LoveLive girls. Hehe… these anime girls are absolutely adorable!


These One Piece ships were on display. I sent these photos to another friend who is a huge fan of OP.


Of course i had to take a photo with Cardcaptor Sakura…my all time favourite anime. Love the costumes she puts on! And of course who can resist Yue.

I didn’t buy a lot of stuffs (but my friend did)…just a few notebooks and a Saiyuki metal badge. I heard there’s Comic Con in Sept and AFA in Nov/Dec. Might go for those too.


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