Inktober 2016

I will draw kawaii looking food for the next 30 (+1?) days in conjunction with inktober 2016. Wish me luck!
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Completely Crazy over Cupcakes

My…my…my… how time flies… It’s almost a month since my last post. Did you miss me? 😉

I have been drawing, in case you’re wondering. Just not very good at posting regularly at the moment. At least not here. I do post pretty regularly over on my Instagram account. So do follow me if you haven’t.

This month have been filled with cupcakes! I just realized that quite a number of my cousins and friends have birthdays in September. Living the life of a starving striving artist, i couldn’t quite afford to buy everyone a present. So i used the gift that i was given and drew them some cupcakes! I did miss out drawing for a few people (sorry!!!).

Without further ado, here are the cupcakes: