Goodbye 2016… it’s been wonderful!

This year has been great. I started this blog in January since i wanted a space to showcase my illustrations. I do post them on Instagram but i still felt that a blog would have a bit more soul to it. Here’s my #2016bestnine from Instagram:

The highlights of this year are…

– received shoutouts and mentions by German illustrator Johanna Fritz, popular craft account @craftastherapy and local art ambassador ArtfullySG,

– a couple of my illustrations made it in the really cool Maeza Magazine,

– conducted two sessions of drawing workshops for kids,

– ArtfullySG printed my Dark Chocolate illustration as a mini postcard. They will be distributed in an ice cream shop in Clementi.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2017 be kind to all of us.


Season’s Greetings

Wishing everyone a lovely holiday this time of year!

Kawaii Drawing Workshops

I love drawing (I think you already know that) & I love teaching kids. So I conducted two drawing workshops for kids. I was supposed to conduct one last year (after the first successful one in 2014) but couldn’t fit it in my schedule.

Here are pix of the kids who attended the drawing workshops i conducted today and the day before i flew off for my vacation:

I love their enthusiasm and smiles! The parents feedback that i should conduct more of such workshops. Guess i’ve to think of how to incorporate these workshops in my plan for 2017.

The kids also loved the personalized clipboards/tote bags that i drew for them.

Two different themes, two group of kids…two successful workshops. I am truly blessed. 😄