Pentel Singapore Colour Brush Contest

I stumbled upon this contest by chance while browsing Instagram. The theme is Japan and the drawing must be drawn in Manga style. So i went in search of the Pentel Colour Brush. Found them at Art Friend. Also bought the Aquash brushes, watercolour pencils, white marker pen, energel pen and sign pen.

Here’s the progress photos:

I kinda botched up the sakura tree a bit at this point. As i pondered on how to rectify it, i went through my art supplies. I was lucky to find my old box of Pentel Oil Pastels!

I think it looks much better now. It took me more than a week to finish it. I don’t usually work with A3 paper so i did find it challenging. Add to the fact that i usually leave my backgrounds blank or uncoloured. But i’m glad i did this.

I was the 3rd to submit/upload on Instagram. As of 11am, there were 17 entries:

I do hope i get chosen as the top 10. Then my artwork will be displayed at the Doujin Market 2018 on 5 & 6 May. It’ll be a bonus if i get chosen as the top 3 winners! But that’s dependent on public votes. Ok… i’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s aim for top 10 first! Wish me luck!


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