April 2018 Round Up

Here’s a round up of the illustrations done in April this year…

As usual i have a few birthday greetings:

Then you’ve seen this piece i did for Pentel Singapore contest (i didn’t get selected for the top 10 out of 70+ awesome entries):

This next one is for an FB page:

And just yesterday night I finished a total of 12 sketches for Pameran Poskad exhibition (happening in a couple of months). Which ones should I ink and colour? Leave your votes in the comment section (you can vote for 5 of them).

As you can see (or maybe not so clearly) my theme is Little Tudung meets Totoro. I hope to finish them by 3rd week of May.

I also went for an interview as a children’s book illustrator. They gave positive feedbacks but I wasn’t selected.

Oh well… that’s okay. Currently I’m working on illustrating some stuffs for a local madrasah (Did i mention it before? Feels like i did in my March post but i can’t be bothered to check at the moment.) I’m supposed to submit them by mid May but I just realised that I haven’t received the list for the workbook. Have to ask them for it. Hopefully they’ll send it over by end of this week.

That’s it for this month. I’ll leave you with this drawing of Little Tudung on a rainy day coz I’m a pluviophile. 😉


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