Little Tudung Meets Totoro: submission to Pameran Poskad

In 2015, I stumbled upon a call out for art work submission for a collective exhibition. That was the first time I heard about Pameran Poskad. It was held at Gillman’s Barrack (a place I’ve neither heard off nor been to) & I submitted the following drawings:

This year, I received an email from the organizers. They were having another round of Pameran Poskad. Of course I had to join! This year, I decided to draw Little Tudung again. This year, she meets the very iconic Totoro! 😉

This year I attempted a full coloured background (something I’ve been afraid to do coz I couldn’t stand it if it didn’t turn out nice) using water colour. I must say that I love the effect!

Each piece of art work come with a crochet Totoro piece. You’ll have to check them out. This year, the exhibition will be held on 15-24 June 2018 at ION Art Gallery (level 4 of ION Orchard) and opens from 10am-10pm. All the displayed art work will be on sale and part of proceeds will go to charity. So do go down and support us!


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