July & August 2018 Round Up

1st of July is a special day for a special young lady… my cousin’s daughter.

I didn’t colour my illustration this time coz 1. it was still Eid and I didn’t have time with all the visiting, 2. I gave her a set of coloured pencils. So she coloured it immediately upon opening of the gift.

Not too shabby, eh?

Next up is a character from a light novel turned manga.

This was illustrated for my nephew who was admitted to hospital. Funny though the doctors didn’t find anything wrong with him after going through all those scans and MRIs.

The final illustration for July is Black Panther, my 2nd nephew’s current favourite superhero.

Here are the illustrations done in August:

I attended a cartoon drawing workshop conducted by Mat Tocang, a local cartoonist whose comic strips/panel came out in the local Malay papers during the weekends.

Here’s something I drew beforehand and gave to him:

Since August is our nation’s big day, I made these:

And in conjuction with Mickey Go Local, I drew this:

Here’s one I did for an Instagram contest:

And last but not least, I’m now a proud owner of an LCD writing tablet! In conjuction with Teachers’ Day, I drew this:

Took me 3 tries to get everything the way I wanted it to. Although, I did botch it a bit. Can you guess where I made a mistake?


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