September Round Up

It’s a busy month with lots of digital drawing done (but i can’t show those yet) and workshops to attend as well as conduct.

Drew this two on my LCD tablet before i used it to scribble some info for my digital drawings:

Then i went to several workshops conducted by reknown illustrators during AFCC (Asian Festival of Children’s Content). During the workshop by Yusof Gajah, we made books without knowing how to draw.

We had a short doodling game and i took up his challenge to change his scibble into an elephant:

I gained more insight as an illustrator from the Japanese illustrator Satoshi Kitamura. And even asked him for his autograph:

I loved the kamishibai theatre storyscrolls that he showed us. One day i want to illustrate such a scroll.

The final workshop i went to during AFCC was an AR workshop. We used the app LayAR to create our own AR effect. It was sooo cool!

We worked in groups and i illustrated the flower above while a groupmate coloured it in. That’s it for AFCC.

I went to STGCC with my cousins. There was a doodle wall space by NLB. I drew a Totoro.

But someone else defaced it after a few hours =(

So sad~~~

But STGCC rocks! Love the cosplay competition (though there was more Comic book characters than Anime characters), met some instagrammers that i followed (& bought their merchendise).

Here’s somethig for Suicide Prevention Week:

The GIF was too short for IG movie so if you followed my IG, you would have seen the pix as separate slides.

This next piece is more of a sketch…a rough last minute illustration for a loom knit workshop for Yarnbombing Singapore:

I had to google for reference coz graffiti is not something i’m familiar with. But i do think graffitis are cool.

Next up is a piece i did as an entry for Pentel Singapore Brand Ambassador.

There are many other awesome entries and I’m not confident if they’ll choose me. But wouldn’t it be amazing to be chosen as a brand ambassador? It’ll be a dream come true!

Last but not least, here is a piece i did after watching my cousin’s daughter’s performance at the closing ceremony of Singapore Sign Language Week:

That’s it for September 2018. I can’t believe we’re only left with 3 months for 2018.


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