Storybook People

This week’s visual vocabulary prompt by @therevisionguide is People/Professions/Family. My hand started to draw and before i knew it, Cinderella appeared on my page. So i drew a few more people from two of my favourite stories.

P.S. this was reposted by @therevisionguide on their IG account. The last i checked, it had 65 617 💙 (in less than 24hrs). Thanks for your love, people! 😘


Square People

My doodle of square people was reposted by therevisionguide just minutes after i posted it. Check out the number of harts!

First feature in an online magazine


I posted this bear on my instagram feed last month… when i showed a step-by-step on snapchat (add me! I’m kawaiicutenessg). Now this bear and his friend the panda are being featured in issue 9 of Maeza Magazine. Flip over to page 34 to see it. There are lots of bears in various styles featured in there. I’m elated to be featured among all these talented illustrators!!! A big thank you to Jelena for making this possible. =)