January 2018 Round Up

It’s been a brilliant January. I can’t believe today’s the last day of the first month of 2018. Who agrees that time flies by when you’re busy as a bee?

A couple of friends asked me to illustrate for them. One was a gift for her colleague and another was for a game box cover.

Here’s the one illustrated as a gift:

I must admit that for a rush job (I was only given slightly more than a week), and considering I haven’t drawn in this style for quite a long while, it turned out nicely. I was told that the feedbacks from her colleagues were positive.

As for the game box cover, it was done in my usual kawaii manga style.

Meet Lil Korean Boy and Lil Japanese Girl. Hehe… kidding! They just turned out that way. Last year I finished the illustrations for the game cards. So this wraps up the whole package. I can’t wait to see the physical product!

After i finished these two, I thought I’d give myself a treat. So i drew this: 

One of my favourite anime character, Cardcaptor Sakura! It’s a wallpaper for my Samsung J+ (I’ve named him Jay). Here’s Jay with his new wallpaper:

I’m loving it! That’s how my January went. How was your January?


Day 75 of #100heroesNvillians

I’ve seen drawings of Groot and amigurumi of Groot but i do not know what his power/ability is. I only know that he’s from Guardians of the Galaxy and that my nephew is crazy over him.

On another note, i am sooo bad at this 100 days challenge. I’ve missed out on more than a few days.