May 2018 Round up

These are the illustrations done in May this year:

Of course the month’s drawing had to start with a Star Wars character (or in this case two). May the force be with you!

Then I drew something for Mother’s Day. I made that embroidered Japanese knot bag for mom.

Through the course of the month, I worked on these 10 cards which will be part of a collaborative exhibition at ION Art Gallery (level 4 of ION Orchard) from 15 June onwards. Read the details in my previous post.

After all the Little Tudung Meets Totoro art work, I ran out of ideas on a drawing subject. So I asked my IG followers through Instastory. One of them suggested a robot.

My youngest SiL’s love for this brand (I’m sure you can recognize it) inspired this birthday card illustration.

Last but not least, a birthday card for a friend I made on Ravelry all those years back. We still haven’t met in real life but we’ve been keeping in touch pretty regularly. A lady who loves crafts and cooking deserves a special bouquet… even if it’s just an illustration. 😉

Oh yes! I almost forgot that I did a whole bunch of illustrations for a local madrasah (did I already mention it in my April round up?). I submitted the ones for their textbooks. They’ve just given me the list for their workbooks. So that’s going to keep me busy for the next couple of weeks.


April 2018 Round Up

Here’s a round up of the illustrations done in April this year…

As usual i have a few birthday greetings:

Then you’ve seen this piece i did for Pentel Singapore contest (i didn’t get selected for the top 10 out of 70+ awesome entries):

This next one is for an FB page:

And just yesterday night I finished a total of 12 sketches for Pameran Poskad exhibition (happening in a couple of months). Which ones should I ink and colour? Leave your votes in the comment section (you can vote for 5 of them).

As you can see (or maybe not so clearly) my theme is Little Tudung meets Totoro. I hope to finish them by 3rd week of May.

I also went for an interview as a children’s book illustrator. They gave positive feedbacks but I wasn’t selected.

Oh well… that’s okay. Currently I’m working on illustrating some stuffs for a local madrasah (Did i mention it before? Feels like i did in my March post but i can’t be bothered to check at the moment.) I’m supposed to submit them by mid May but I just realised that I haven’t received the list for the workbook. Have to ask them for it. Hopefully they’ll send it over by end of this week.

That’s it for this month. I’ll leave you with this drawing of Little Tudung on a rainy day coz I’m a pluviophile. 😉

Pentel Singapore Colour Brush Contest

I stumbled upon this contest by chance while browsing Instagram. The theme is Japan and the drawing must be drawn in Manga style. So i went in search of the Pentel Colour Brush. Found them at Art Friend. Also bought the Aquash brushes, watercolour pencils, white marker pen, energel pen and sign pen.

Here’s the progress photos:

I kinda botched up the sakura tree a bit at this point. As i pondered on how to rectify it, i went through my art supplies. I was lucky to find my old box of Pentel Oil Pastels!

I think it looks much better now. It took me more than a week to finish it. I don’t usually work with A3 paper so i did find it challenging. Add to the fact that i usually leave my backgrounds blank or uncoloured. But i’m glad i did this.

I was the 3rd to submit/upload on Instagram. As of 11am, there were 17 entries:

I do hope i get chosen as the top 10. Then my artwork will be displayed at the Doujin Market 2018 on 5 & 6 May. It’ll be a bonus if i get chosen as the top 3 winners! But that’s dependent on public votes. Ok… i’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s aim for top 10 first! Wish me luck!

March 2018 Round Up

Oh my! It’s already a week into April and I didn’t post any updates yet.

Here’s a round up of my illustrations in March (other than the one for Dr Seuss that is in the previous post):

I drew Superman for my 2nd bro’s birthday. It complemented the Superman thumbdrive that I ordered from @thumbsforlego.

I went for a shrink plastic art workshop at the library. They gave us the option to either trace from available templates or draw something. Of course I chose to draw. Since I was re-reading Rurouni Kenshin, that’s who I drew. So now I have a Rurouni Kenshin brooch! ❤

I drew another Kenshin for my youngest brother’s birthday. Yes! I love my Samurai X!

Next up is Captain America for my one and only dear cuzie wuzie.

And finally an entry for a contest by FunanSG.

That’s it for March! Stay tuned for more illustrations.

P.S. I bought a new box of watercolour pencils and am experimenting with it. Follow me on my Instastory @bisukiut to see what I’ve been up to.

Dr Seuss Day 2018

It’s been a while (that seems to be the norm these days). Can’t seem to find the time to just leisurely draw. Maybe i was hit by illustrator’s blank (something similar to writer’s block).

But today i drew! Oh yes, i drew! Oh, how my heart flew. When i drew.

How’s that for a Dr. Seuss inspired sentences? 😉 Without further ado, here’s the illustration that i drew:

I think i’m a tad out of touch with my inking. I made so many mistakes i almost didn’t want to complete this piece. But as the quote says, “Take every chance, drop every fear.”

January 2018 Round Up

It’s been a brilliant January. I can’t believe today’s the last day of the first month of 2018. Who agrees that time flies by when you’re busy as a bee?

A couple of friends asked me to illustrate for them. One was a gift for her colleague and another was for a game box cover.

Here’s the one illustrated as a gift:

I must admit that for a rush job (I was only given slightly more than a week), and considering I haven’t drawn in this style for quite a long while, it turned out nicely. I was told that the feedbacks from her colleagues were positive.

As for the game box cover, it was done in my usual kawaii manga style.

Meet Lil Korean Boy and Lil Japanese Girl. Hehe… kidding! They just turned out that way. Last year I finished the illustrations for the game cards. So this wraps up the whole package. I can’t wait to see the physical product!

After i finished these two, I thought I’d give myself a treat. So i drew this:

One of my favourite anime character, Cardcaptor Sakura! It’s a wallpaper for my Samsung J+ (I’ve named him Jay). Here’s Jay with his new wallpaper:

I’m loving it! That’s how my January went. How was your January?

Day 75 of #100heroesNvillians

I’ve seen drawings of Groot and amigurumi of Groot but i do not know what his power/ability is. I only know that he’s from Guardians of the Galaxy and that my nephew is crazy over him.

On another note, i am sooo bad at this 100 days challenge. I’ve missed out on more than a few days.