Ombre Dinosaur


Who knows what is the exact colour of dinosaurs’ skin? Nobody! People used to think that dinosaurs have green skin like the alligators and crocodiles. Now they say that dinosaurs have colourful skin…some might even have feathers.
Whatever it is, i think this ombre dino is as good a guess as any.


Silhouette and The Early Bird

It’s Thursday here in Singapore. So here’s some #tbt posts. Actually they are my #fritzifriday homeworks that i forgot to post here (i did post them on my instagram account. Follow me there too for more illustrations!)


First up is this tribal looking bird silhouette. Not my usual style here but i thought i’d give it a go since i do love those swirls and tribal motifs. I did two versions for this “bird silhouette” theme. The drawing above is my second version. The first version is this one below:


It doesn’t look like a bird silhouette to you? That’s because it’s my personification as a bird wearing a Cookie Monster beanie! 😉 (Go to my first post to see what i mean)

Another theme we had as our #fritzifriday homework is the quote “the early bird catches the worm”.


Ms. Earlybird catches a ball of worms and knitted them into a blanket.

That’s it for throwback Thursday! Will be back later to post today’s illistration for #365doodleswithjohannafritz.

Eggs (& Micron pens)


Fritzi Friday homework prompt was “Eggs”. Here’s my take on it… a mountain of easter eggs!

Yesterday i went to Popular Bookstore. It’s always a dangerous trip to go into a book / stationery store. I ended up buying lots of pens!!! Not any ordinary pens. These are Sakura Pigma Micron pens…in coloured inks!


I didn’t even know they exist. It’s funny coz i was just telling my friend that it’s difficult to get Micron pens here nowadays. Next thing i know, i see them in the shop!

illustrated by Yaney

Hie there! Welcome to my world of illustrations. My name is Yaney and i’m glad that you’ve dropped by. I do hope you like your stay.

2016… new year… a good time to start new things. Well… drawing is not new to me but taking my illustrations more seriously is. This blog serves as a portfolio of my illustrations.

I’ve joined a group of illustrators called Fritzi.Flock. We’re going to make heads turn as a flock. Our first assignment (given by the one who spearheaded this, the very talented illustrator, Johanna Fritz) is to draw ourselves as a bird. Here’s mine:


This is one of the rare times i coloured in my illustrations. I usually leave them as a lineart. If you’d like to see more of my illustrations, head on to my instagram account @bisukiut or follow this blog! I plan to post at least one illustration a day.

Anyway… here’s to a new journey as an illustrator. I hope to get my work published one of these days. Any children’s book writers need an illustrator or someone who wants cutesy / kawaii manga style drawings? Do contact me at