June 2018 Roundup

Part of June was spent exploring Islamic Geometry Art. If you haven’t done so, you may want to follow Sandy Kurt on Instagram. She sometimes come up with tutorials/challenges for it. Here’s a couple of photos of my process:

I also did a couple of birthday cards in June.

You remember my artwork for Pameran Poskad? I am elated to share that 6 out of 10 pieces were sold. Here are the 4 unsold pieces.

If you would like to purchase any of them, do leave a comment or DM me on my Instagram account.

I was still in the mood for some Totoro, so I drew this card for Eid.

I’m currently making drafts for a friend’s children’s book. I can’t release the illustrations yet. But if you’re really curious, follow me on Instagram @bisukiut for sneak peeks in my Instastory. 😉 See you there!


Hello 2018

Goodbye 2016… it’s been wonderful!

This year has been great. I started this blog in January since i wanted a space to showcase my illustrations. I do post them on Instagram but i still felt that a blog would have a bit more soul to it. Here’s my #2016bestnine from Instagram:

The highlights of this year are…

– received shoutouts and mentions by German illustrator Johanna Fritz, popular craft account @craftastherapy and local art ambassador ArtfullySG,

– a couple of my illustrations made it in the really cool Maeza Magazine,

– conducted two sessions of drawing workshops for kids,

– ArtfullySG printed my Dark Chocolate illustration as a mini postcard. They will be distributed in an ice cream shop in Clementi.

Happy New Year everyone! May 2017 be kind to all of us.

Completely Crazy over Cupcakes

My…my…my… how time flies… It’s almost a month since my last post. Did you miss me? 😉

I have been drawing, in case you’re wondering. Just not very good at posting regularly at the moment. At least not here. I do post pretty regularly over on my Instagram account. So do follow me if you haven’t.

This month have been filled with cupcakes! I just realized that quite a number of my cousins and friends have birthdays in September. Living the life of a starving striving artist, i couldn’t quite afford to buy everyone a present. So i used the gift that i was given and drew them some cupcakes! I did miss out drawing for a few people (sorry!!!).

Without further ado, here are the cupcakes:

What have i been up to?

Hie everyone!

I do apologize for the hiatus. I’ve been focusing a lot on my craft / crochet work. I also had a few classified commissioned illustration work to do.

I did get a few drawings done on the side. Singapore’s former president passed away last week. So i drew something as a tribute: 

Then a friend tagged me for the Muji pen art contest. I drew this and finished it this morning:

Do vote for it when they open voting in September, arite? 😉

That’s it from me for now. I’ll try to update more frequently but it’s hard to promise coz i do have a few other commissioned work to finish.



I love today’s prompt : pencil!!! I prefer writing and drawing/sketching in pencil… coz it is a forgiving medium. I can just erase the markings if i have made any mistakes. Out of all the pencils out there, my favourite is a Pilot 2020 shaker mechanical pencil. Anyone else loooove pencil?

Featured on byjohannafritz & ig_cutethings

As you know, I jumped on the 365 doodles with Johanna Fritz at the start of this year. So i am stoked when Johanna asked if i would like to be featured on her IG feed.


Of course i said “Yes!” True to her words, she featured me on her feed last Friday (18 Mar 2016).



I actually forgot that she wanted to do a feature. So when the number of followers on my IG account spiked suddenly, i actually wondered why. Heh…

Earlier this month, my drawing was also featured on ig_cutethings.



It’s a new account that features accounts with… cute stuffs!

I’m really grateful for the features/shoutouts and i thank all of you for following my accounts and taking the time to like/comment.